学生:The son of my brother go to school everyday。


    I like to made my round of the room during study period. And when u
are studying, u must make sure the door is open. Only in this way can I
see the proper occupant and make sure no one else is here. I know that
my students and teachers how judge me. They said I will bawl u out about
something unimportant. When I bawl u out, I will consult a list I carry,
and I will stop in tell u what punishment go with in. I know, I know.
Maybe this thing u think unimportant, but as for me I think u have
influenced other students study. About smoking, I don’t care. If u want
to smoke, u can do it. Because I was smoke a long time in my high
school. Just don’t let me catch u.

老师:请把“my brother go to school everday”这句话改写成将来式。

F 16

    I let him go and start to a search. I know he is a thief…

H 19

My name is Van Ness’s, I am a headmaster in this school. My brother, my
two brothers and my father went to this school.I like to think that I am
part of this school. Indeed I’m very important in this school.

A 7

    Recently I am so upset because the watch was stolen a few days ago.
This watch was stolen last Friday afternoon, more than likely during the
basketball game. But sometime Monday afternoon the watch was put here
when I returned here after class. Why? I think the thief who know that I
had instituted the search and he was scared and returned the watch to
me. It’s my opinion. I must tell my students what I think and through
their actions judge the thief.

G 17

    I know a torture tactics, which make u wait to scare u. It is sort
of like the third degree. Firstly, I use it and let him sit down to
learn some basic things about him. I let him close the door and lure him
to say about him. He do travel a lot, Chicago, Illinois, et cetera.
Besides, through this talking, a very imposing list is that he went to a
lot of schools. Few years, few weeks even few weeks. It is astonishing
me. I suppose him have many theories as to the strength and weakness
inhere in the modern        educational systems. What’s more, I ask
about do u like it here. He say sure. Sure??? I don’t believe him and I
think he is thief. But he say he don’t the thief. Whatever, I swear,
however difficulty it is, I’m going to find out who the thief.


    Firstly, I let Hughes come my office. He is a man of mean
understanding, litter information and uncertain temper. He maybe will
stole the watch just want to attract ours attention. When I told what I
think, his action was so normal and he said I really really love this
school, my brother and I both study in this school, my father said this
school is famous and he work hard so that we can come to this school.
Oh, what a lovely boy. I have touched by this boy. What’s more, he tell
me that he think Roberts is thief, because he just came to this school
few weekends ago and he always complain this school how bad. So finally
I said to Hughes, Roberts wanted in my office.


E 14

C 11

Maisy attends a small rural school with 15 othergirls and 10 boys. Of
the girls in the school, three older ones have youngersisters in the
school, and two other girls have brothers in the school. Of theboys in
the school, two older ones have younger brothers in the school, and
twoother boys have sisters in the school.

If there are no twins, and no family has more thantwo children in the
school, how many of the children do not have either abrother or a sister
in the school?

B 8


D 12